A Shot in the Arm

Image by cromaconceptovisual / Pixabay

There has been so much confusion and misinformation about COVID-19 vaccination eligibility and availability in our area. Of the five W’s, only the “what” and “why” have been answered. It’s the “who,” “where” and “when” that remain elusive.

My 90-year-old father is in generally good health, both mentally and physically, except for his diabetes. He still lives in the family home and has a primary care physician. Dad was finally able to receive his first dose of the vaccine yesterday. It was through his own tenacious efforts that he was ultimately able to secure an appointment after his doctor’s office couldn’t offer any help. Why the delay?

It seems to me there was ample time while vaccines were being developed, undergoing trials and awaiting approval, for a solid, streamlined, acquisition and rollout plan to have been formulated. Or am I missing something?

And then there are those who are unwilling to be vaccinated when their turn finally comes.

I went to kindergarten during the time of the smallpox vaccine and I can still remember that first day. Our teacher asked us if we’d had our smallpox vaccinations and we all nodded.

“How many of you had it in your arm?” she asked.

All of the hands in the class went up except mine.

“Brenda, where did you have your vaccination?”

I stood and lifted up my dress. I pointed to the pale round mark on my upper thigh. “Right here,” I said proudly.

“Thank you, Brenda. You can put your dress down now and be seated.”

I’ll take my chances and accept a COVID-19 vaccine as soon as I’m offered the opportunity. In the arm please.

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