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Foggy Brain, Worried Heart

Trying to compose a blog post through the mental haze of COVID is a bit of a challenge but I’ll give it a go. We returned last week from attending our son’s wedding out of state. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony, and it was wonderful to be able to spend time with family and […]

Paying the Price

During our first trip to Ireland in 2005, someone on the plane had a medical crisis that necessitated an emergency landing. We were over Canada when the pilot announced he needed to jettison fuel from the wings to quickly bring the plane down in Winnipeg. After we landed and the passenger was evacuated, everyone had […]

What Can I Say?

An uninspiring title for a blog post, but this is the question that has been plaguing me since the horrendous massacre in Texas. I’m at a loss for words. What can someone say or do to comfort the broken hearts of those parents or erase the trauma the surviving students and staff members have suffered. […]

Finding a Moment of Peace and Gratitude

It’s hard not to be overwhelmed with despair at all the crises looming large near and far, from racially motivated killings and random violence in the U.S. to the ongoing atrocities in Ukraine and triple digit temperatures in India. Not to mention the millions of lives lost to COVID and hundreds of thousands of others […]

Wait. What?

Mindlessly scrolling through Yahoo News (a time suck, I know), I came across a headline titled “Caroline Kennedy’s first grandchild’s name revealed.” It stopped me cold and aged me a lifetime all at once. I still picture Caroline as that sweet little girl at her father’s grave site in 1963, two days before her seventh […]

Resale Therapy

I confess. I have a soft spot for thrift stores, particularly those that support local non-profits. So it only follows that not one, but two thrift stores appear in my novel Taking Root. You know the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? I was thinking about that the other day when I pulled […]


I suppose another title for this post could be “Reverberations.” Some are gentle, quiet, reminiscent of the fading ring of a bell. Others are loud, persistent—drumbeats, almost—like the hourly news headlines of the brutal slaughters in Ukraine, occasionally punctuated by stories of defiance, strength and resilience. It’s Monday morning, the day before I’ll upload this […]


Have you ever had one of those moments when what you needed most (or didn’t know you needed) seemed to suddenly appear, out of nowhere? My husband and I were taking a walk this past Sunday afternoon in a neighborhood a couple of blocks from downtown when I noticed what appeared to be a wooden […]

Another Catastrophe

“Morgues are full.” Ukraine struggles to bury the dead. So the headline reads on my news feed this morning. Wasn’t it just yesterday that some of our own morgues in areas hardest hit by the pandemic were bringing in refrigeration trailers to cope with the overflow of bodies? So many of those deaths, like these, […]

Carpe Momentum!

Toward the end of his life, my father, who used to enjoy painting, would often say he couldn’t “get in the mood” or “just lost interest.” His easel stood waiting, a pencil-sketched canvas in place and a table of brushes and paints nearby. Sometimes, writing can feel that way, as though you’re engaged in a […]


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