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Marking Time

After I’d announced my retirement a few years back, a co-worker made a chain out of paper clips (one for each remaining day at work) and hung it from a hook on the back of the door to my office. “Remove one every day,” she said. Often, I find myself wondering what events might take […]

With Gratitude

I’m fortunate and grateful to belong to two groups of wonderful writing women. Each of the groups have been together for over sixteen years. We meet monthly, usually exchanging prompts beforehand and we encourage each other in our writing endeavors. Over the years, as we’ve shared our stories and life challenges, long-lasting friendships have formed. […]

What Words Remain

Dia de los Muertos 2022 When my grandmother passed away a long time ago, the only words she left behind were her handwritten recipes which I still treasure. She wasn’t one to write letters or send cards. If you’d asked me, I would have told you that my father was a man of few words. […]

Red, Green and Gold

In recent years, it seems the closest I’ve come to a palette of fall colors in Northern California is my collection of Le Creuset cookware. Not this year though. I’m writing from Tennessee where I’m enjoying seeing pumpkins on porches next to white Adirondack chairs and the blaze of autumn colors everywhere. Schools in this […]

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Remember ticket stubs? Those little souvenirs that would remind you of a place, a time, a special event, someone you were with. Once a year, before he became a family man and moved out of state, my eldest son used to take me to an Oakland A’s baseball game—just he and I. It was something […]

But First, Coffee

It may sound silly or self-indulgent, but coffee has become my anchor. It centers me, any time of day. What used to be a rushed part of my morning routine is now a moment of calm in a sea of chaos. Sanctuary in a cup. And it’s an essential element when contemplating a blank screen! […]

Banned Books

The topic of book censorship got me thinking about my own parenting style when my husband and I were raising four boys. When they were little, we read to them often and encouraged independent reading as they grew. In fact, our youngest always had a book along with him anytime we went anywhere in the […]

Kindness Matters

Our neighborhood elementary school has something called the “buddy bench.” If a student is missing their playmate who might be absent, or they just feel as though they need a friend, they can have a seat there and another student will soon join them or invite them to play. It’s part of the culture fostered […]


In these edgy, uncertain times, there’s something to be said for finding and following a recipe and the temporary distraction that it provides—measuring, stirring, baking or cooking—and the satisfaction derived from the results. Remember all the bread baking and comfort food making that was going on in the early stages of COVID-19 isolation? Recently, I […]

DMV or Root Canal?

Twenty years ago, while he was still living at home, one of my sons decided to buy a 25-year-old jet boat “as is.” The only water it’s seen since it’s been here is rainwater. One of the grandkids caught some tadpoles in it and brought them to school for show and tell. When my son […]


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