Gold Among the Green

Photo by truthseeker08 / Pixabay

In case you’re curious, I decided not to share that book with my granddaughter. I did, however, post a review on Goodreads sharing my thoughts.

St. Patrick brought us good weather last Friday during a rare break between the series of storms we’ve been having. My husband and I were looking forward to an evening of traditional Irish music at one of our favorite Bay Area venues. It felt so good to be out and about that afternoon, masks optional, we decided to stop at a little bakery for a cup of coffee and a cookie on the way.

Stepping outside, I couldn’t help but notice three women who each had huge waffle ice cream cones in their hands. One was wearing a brightly colored floral print dress with a flower tucked behind her ear. Our eyes met and she offered a radiant smile. “You look so beautiful,” I said as she and her friends settled themselves around an outside table. She thanked me in a voice that hinted English wasn’t her first language.

“We are having a break for ourselves,” she added, and the other two women nodded, enjoying their ice cream. “We are caregivers,” she volunteered. That just struck me. I didn’t want to interrupt their time together but I did take a moment to thank them for the work that they do.

I’m still thinking about these unsung heroes—these quiet, unassuming women who lovingly tend to the needs of the sick and the dying. We are so very fortunate to have those among us who dedicate themselves in service to others. It’s not that long ago that it was common in our area to see huge banners thanking first responders after the wildfires. We’ll never forget our health care workers who were on the frontline during the pandemic, working under extraordinary circumstances. There are so many others out there, who do what they do every day, for all of us.

And then there are those that make the headlines.

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