Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Image by No-longer-here / Pixabay

Remember ticket stubs? Those little souvenirs that would remind you of a place, a time, a special event, someone you were with.

Once a year, before he became a family man and moved out of state, my eldest son used to take me to an Oakland A’s baseball game—just he and I. It was something I always looked forward to. Not the game as much as the opportunity for the two of us to spend time with each other. Good memories.

Recently, my husband planned to take his buddy to a San Francisco Giants game in the City.

I’ve been aware that QR codes (whatever that stands for) have been around for a while but the current process of ordering tickets was quite a learning curve for both of us. Not something I’d recommend for seniors who are faint of heart. Especially for one who only weeks ago migrated to a smart phone!

We sat at my computer and from trying to determine the angle of late afternoon sun when choosing seats, to creating accounts and passwords to order tickets, and finally figuring out how to access the tickets by phone, it was exhausting.

And then you’d better read up on all of the current entry rules at the ballpark. No backpacks, for instance. You’re allowed to bring an open tote bag (not to exceed certain dimensions) but you cannot use it to carry your jacket or blanket during security screening. I’m guessing this is to speed folks through. You don’t need to bring money for drinks and snacks, the ballpark accepts credit cards only. (Good thing. A beer at that park now costs $15!)

The guys wanted to take the SMART train to the Golden Gate ferry and the ferry to the ballpark. The train was easy. The special Oracle Park ferry presented its own issues regarding ticketing and what you can bring on board.

All of this took quite a bit of time to pull together, but on the day of the game the weather was good, the seats were excellent, and the home team won. No ticket stubs but he managed to capture a few snapshots. On the phone.

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