Thoughts on Blogging

Photo by Suzy Hazelwood / Pexels

Can I just say that I’ve never liked the sound of the word “blog”? It sounds like something you wouldn’t want your body to do at an inopportune moment. Yeah, I know the origin: web + log = blog. Still not a fan though.

So why do I do it? When Taking Root came out, the mantle of “marketing” fell squarely on my shoulders as a self-published author. Not wanting to embrace the full plethora of social media outlets (and the requisite learning curve followed by constant care and feeding), I decided to put up a website. Not exactly the robust “platform building” emerging writers are encouraged to do but it’s a couple of bricks to stand on anyway.

The thing about blogging is that it requires commitment. Dedication. I’m in awe of a writer friend who posts something several times each week and every post is not only worth reading but is offered in support and encouragement of fellow writers. You can check out Marlene Cullen’s blog here:

My first few posts were aimed at introducing the book but there can only be so much of that. I’ve found I enjoy posting a little something every other week. It keeps the writing muscle flexed and the synapses firing. I never know what’s going to move my pen—a lizard doing push-ups on a cinder block while I water my garden, current events, the weather (or lack thereof) or an occasional rant. Plus, I like the challenge of sourcing a photo or image to accompany the post. A deep bow of gratitude to artists and photographers who so generously share their work. Thanks to those of you who are following me near and far and those who have given a thumbs up. In these times of social distancing, it warms my heart to know that something I’ve written has touched someone I know and folks I’ve never met.

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