Ode to the Ladies

Amaryllis flowers pop up in our area this time of year. They stand in sharp contrast to their environs, especially during the present drought. In the strange glow of our hazy sunlight, they seem almost lit in their brightness. In lieu of my usual post, I’ve written this poem:

Ode to the Ladies

Untroubled by catastrophic events
the naked ladies return
emerging from desiccated soil

Clustered in small groups
they bathe in a brilliant light of rose gold
filtered through the haze of smoke

Stretching and straightening
on tall leafless stems
the flowers whisper and nod to each other

Unmoved by disturbing news
they are swayed only by a dry breeze
and the attention of bees

Emissaries of hope
they bring a much-needed reminder
of resilience and renewal

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