Rinse Cycle

Photo by Ed Leszczynskl / Unsplash

Remember when we used to rely on weather forecasts that were broadcast with our nightly news? We’d get a good-enough sense of when to expect rain from the fuzzy satellite image.

Many years ago, I used to ride the bus to work. At one of the stops along the way, a cheerful woman named Marilyn would board. She had Down Syndrome and would always greet everyone before settling herself into a seat toward the front. Occasionally, she would bring her umbrella. If Marilyn was carrying her umbrella on a bright sunny day, you could be assured it would rain, even if it hadn’t been predicted by the weatherman the night before.

Who could have imagined that one day we’d have phones that would tell us precisely when rainfall would begin and end based on our location? Yes, it’s convenient and often very helpful but I miss the occasional surprise of being caught in unexpected weather.

The rain that fell on Christmas Day was a welcome reminder that this is the season. (Or at least it’s supposed to be.) Listening to the soothing rhythm of raindrops falling outside my window brought some reassurance that things will be okay. New growth is stirring that will erase wildfire scars and winter gardens are being nourished. I love the way rain freshens the air and renews our spirits. It was fun to see a group of birds splashing in a newly formed puddle, not a care in the world. Hopefully, a period of sustained rainfall will follow soon and bring some relief from drought conditions.

One of the things I enjoy most about rain is the quiet that it brings; the way the heaviness in the air settles over us. In Ireland, a heavy mist or light rain is often called “lovely soft weather” – a perfect description.

I’m looking forward to more moody gray clouds and feeling cocooned inside during a downpour.

Stay safe and well. See you in 2021!

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